Affiliated To The University Of Madras . Managed By Gothi Surana Educational Trust


  • Although the University prescribes a minimum of attendance to be permitted to appear for the university examination, this college insists on regular attendance at the classes.
  • No student will be allowed to absent herself from the college without leave. She must apply for leave in advance stating especially the reason for her absence.
  • In cases where absence is due to unforeseen circumstances, an application for leave should be submitted as soon as possible and in no case later than the first day of return to the college.
  • All leave letters should be countersigned by the parents or guardian.
  • Students absenting themselves without authorised leave from classes, periodical tests and composition shall be fined.
  • SMS Intimation: In cases when the student is absent for a day an immediate SMS from the college will be routed to the Parents / Guardian Mobile number on the same day.
  • Student should greet the Principal and the other superiors and the members of the faculty when they meet for the first time during the day whether within the college campus or outside.
  • At the stroke of the first bell all students will go to their lecture hall quickly and occupy their seats and get ready for their lectures.
  • When a lecturer enters the classroom all students should stand and greet her. They should take their seats only when they are invited to do so. Likewise, students should stand when the teacher leaves the room.
  • During working hours students are not allowed to leave the classroom or enter it without the permission of the teacher.
  • During class hours students should avoid loitering on the veranda and college campus.
  • Dress Code: Awkward dress materials are prohibited. Girls are permitted to wear South Indian Traditional Costume / Chudidhar with their duppattas pinned. Tight and transparent fittings / sleeveless tops / blouses / Midis are strictly prohibited. Violation of Dress Code would result in fine of Rs.100/- for each day.

In order to propel our students career the final year students are given counseling, language improvement exercise & coached for team leaderships skills to fit in today’s corporate culture. For a bright future of our students, the college has an active placement cell where students are given mock interview training & team building exercise. Many of our students have placed in top MNC's with a successful career.

Students to open a Bank Account

In the interest of student it is advised to open a Savings Bank Account in any of the Nationalised Banks, so that they could get the scholarship / Refund of caution Deposit due to them easily

Insurance Plan

University of Madras in association with United India Insurance Co. Ltd. has launched for an Insurance Scheme which has been implemented in this college. Each student has to pay a sum of Rs.60/- p.a., by which the entitles to the to the following;

Compensation for Accidental Death of the student Rs.1,00,000/- Compensation.
Compensation for Accidental Death of the student's Bread – winning parent Rs.1,00,000/- Compensation
Reimbursement of hospitalization expenses incurred Students arising out of accident upto Rs.50,000/- Compensation
Accidents leading to death of student after hospitalization Reimbursement of hospitalization expenses upto Rs.50,000/-
The Company will settle the admissible hospitalization claims under the scheme within 2 working days of receipt of all relevant documents subject to terms and conditions. This Insurance Plan is made mandatory for all students Rs.1,00,000/-
Departmental Associations

All the Departments of our college has its own Association. It Conducts Seminar and Workshop to formulate the students aware of the latest development in every field.

Parent Teachers Association

Parent Teachers Association meetings are conducted every semester to inform the progress / performance of their daughters.

Counseling Cell

It provides counseling services for the students who have social , adjustments ,frustration , Intellectual stress and behavior problems and trains in aptitude tests, life skill etc., Psychological testing is also done. Group counseling on soft skills & Personality grooming is provided to final year students.

Training in Life Skills

Periodic Training Programmes relating Life skills, Communication and other area relating to Personal Growth are also organized. All the first year students are engaged in this specialized training.

Smart Class Rooms

There is also a fully equipped smart class room to trains the students in Spoken English. All the students must undergo spoken English course for minimum 40 hours with the aid of computer based audio visuals.

Grievance Reddressal Mechanism

Students who have complaints / grievances may express the same by dropping written grievance in the " Green Box " kept for the purpose near the Principal's Chamber. The Box will be under the control of the Principal. All grievances will be dealt by a Committee.

Workshops Domain Training Aptitude Development
Resume Writing Software Testing
Quantitative Ability
Interview skills Computer languages Numerical skills
Portfolio development Technical writing Reasoning Skills
Business etiquette Hypertext preprocessor
Internship opportunities
Corporate culture
  1. Membership is open to all the staff and students of this college.
  2. Two library tickets will be issued to each student.
  3. Library tickets are not transferable.
  4. Only one book can be borrowed upon each ticket.
  5. Books will be issued to student members for a period of 7 days.
  6. Loss of books, if any, shall be reported to the librarian immediately and it shall be replaced by another good copy immediately.
  7. All members shall sign in the register at the entrance as token of their acceptance to adhere to the rules of the library.
  8. Perfect silence shall be observed inside the library.
  9. Loss of tickets should be reported to the librarian immediately.
  10. Duplicate tickets will be issued on payment of a penalty of Rs.50/-
  11. The College has a spacious library with a large number of books, magazines and journals that cater to the needs of the students with internet facility
  12. The library works from 9.30.a.m to 3.30.p.m on all working days.